How to Register for Chatcolab

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June 13-19, 2020

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Registration fees include all workshop activities, online presentations, downloadable materials and additional class bonus offerings, plus exclusive access to the archived lab, following the event. Information on registering for the Virtual Lab Experience will be available on this page by 04/02/2020. Stay tuned.

Information regarding refunds of the Live Lab Experience ​will be emailed to currently registered participants. ​If you have any questions, please contact us.


Scholarships will be made available for those who need them. The scholarship application process, for the Virtual Lab Experience will also be forthcoming on this page.

​Virtual Lab

Circumstances have changed the format of Chatcolab this year and we are excited to bring our traditional Live Lab Experience to an all Virtual format.

​Virtual Lab Registration will be available on this page by 04/02/2020. Please come back to register for this dynamic, interactive Lab Experience. We can't wait to share it with you.

Chatcolab​ ​Live Lab Experience Will ​Return in 2021

Chatcolab ​is committed to returning to Camp Twinlow in 2021. Labbers will participate in the live lab experience, just as in previous years, and will simultaneously be able to access a Virtual Lab Experience. By combining the two experiences into one interactive and dynamic lab, participation will be extended beyond the traditional reach of Chatcolab and will provide greater facilitation of the lab experience to those who may be unable to travel.

Chatcolab Codes of Conduct

People wishing to attend Chatcolab must agree to the Adult and Youth codes of conduct.  Your registration to Chatcolab indicated your agreement to the Codes of Conduct for both live and virtual lab experiences.

Camp Twinlow Accessibility Comments from Past Attendees

Chatcolab is committed to making accommodations for labbers. Twinlow is an outdoor camp environment. These comments are intended to assist in answering questions about the terrain and facilities:

Although Camp Twinlow has many accessibility-helps and facilities, there are considerations depending on your level of mobility. The bathroom facilities in the Main Dining Hall, downstairs in the dorm area, and in Selkirk’s common areas are nicely equipped. This includes a shower in the dorm area. The sleeping accommodations in Selkirk are adequate unless you have issues transferring from a wheelchair to a bed, and the one ADA room in Selkirk has a shower with a seat and handi-shower head. The other Selkirk rooms have a shower stall, some with grab bars but no seat. Many door ways are narrow (29”-30”) since they were built before ADA standards became widespread.

Trails around camp are accessible by walker or wheelchair accompanied by an attendant or helper, as some are quite steep and/or have loose gravel on them. A small adult or child in a manual wheelchair with an attendant would have fewer problems getting to most program areas. A power chair would make it easier but there are still the slope and gravel issues.

The camp owns some specialized equipment but it is best to contact them ahead of time to find out exactly what is needed, and available. They cooperate willingly to make things work, but remember that this is a camp setting, not totally rustic but definitely not urban.

Americans with Disabilities Act: If you need special accommodations please contact Kim Maes, Registrar, at least two weeks before camp with your needs.