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Currently accepting 2023 proposals to teach multi-day or 2 hour classes on topics that focus on leadership, community and recreation.

2023 Registration

Fees include cabin bed and meals, program, most supplies (June 17th -  June 22nd)
Room upgrades available
$325 discounted rate through Dec. 31st.

Scholarships Available

Scholarships are awarded to help offset the cost of attending Chatcolab.
Dollar amounts range from $100 off
to full registration. Deadline: April 15th

Countdown to June 17-23, 2023
 Twinlow Retreat, Rathdrum, Idaho


You missed out!

A Snapshot of our 2022 Program...


CHATCOLAB 2022 offers a unique opportunity to build leadership by engaging in the creative planning and sharing of a recreational experience, creating an atmosphere for self discovery surrounded by nature.


Michael "Mr. Mirth" Bork is happy to return to Chatcolab 2022 - In fact, he is JOYFUL! 
When we last visited Mr. Mirth, he was living in cold, dark Fairbanks, Alaska, spreading "Mirth on Earth!" from the Far North.
Late in 2022, he moved to sunny and temperate Happy Valley, Oregon, (yes, Mr. Mirth lives in Happy Valley) and continues his message of optimism, resiliency, and joy through non-humor-based laughter practices.
He is a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, a Certified Parks and Recreation Professional, and has earned a Master's Degree in Organizational Psychology. He has even taken his love of laughter to the competitive arena, and was a global finalist in the 2021 World Laughter Championships, held virtually.
He combines all of this into an impactful and powerful message and has a hands-on, inclusive teaching style that is uplifting and unforgettable.

All Lab Music

A chance to learn and share songs that are related to camp sessions.  Bring songs that you know, learn new songs from others.  A growing body of evidence points to a wide range of benefits arising from participation in group singing. Group singing requires participants to engage with each other in a simultaneous musical dialogue in a pluralistic and emergent context, creating a coherent cultural expression through the reflexive negotiation of (musical) meaning manifest in the collective power of the human voice.                            With Marta Millard


Class Options

In-depth Classes are held  from 10:50-12:15p Sunday through Thursday, providing the time and specifics to really dive into the topic and expand your knowledge.

  • Dream Work & Appreciation: A Way to Connect to What You Know with  Kevin Laughlin, PhD
  • Harnessing the Power of Introversion for Everyone with Robyn Handley
  • Leathercraft with Pam Watson
  • Canoeing/Kayaking: Learn the fundamentals to be able to safely handle lake water basics with Twinlow Staff
  • College of Hidden Arts and Talents (C.H.A.T.): Learning times are open to those who wish to practice their leadership skills while providing others with an opportunity to learn

Mini Workshop Options

Mini Workshops are held in 2-hour sessions each afternoon.  Participants can choose a different topic each session.

  • Watercolor Painting I & II with Alana Hastings
  • Flag Ceremonies: History, proper etiquette and how to plan a flag raising/lowering event with Stewart White
  • Making Sourdough Bread, in Search of the Wild Yeast with Janet Zimmerman
  • iPhone Camera Techniques with Sally Heard
  • Yoga Sharing
  • Dahlias with Pam Watson
  • College of Hidden Arts and Talents (C.H.A.T.): Learning times are open to those who wish to practice their leadership skills while providing others with an opportunity to learn

The health, safety and well-being of all of our attendees, partners and volunteers is our highest priority.  Since March of 2020, ACA has developed and provided the COVID resources available below for every camp, program and youth serving organization.  Chatcolab will follow  and share the recommended Summer 2022 COVID guidelines when they are released.

Americans with Disabilities Act: If you need special accommodations please contact Registrar, at least two weeks before camp with your needs.  CHATCOLAB, INC Northwest Leadership Laboratory is an equal-opportunity, affirmative-action, non-profit educational organization offering leadership development through recreation. Youth and adults come together to build leadership skills. The lab meets annually at a residential camp and offers learning through general leadership sessions and interactive workshops.

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