Chatcolab Leadership Laboratory Board

Chatcolab is an All-Volunteer Organization

The Chatcolab Laboratory Board comes together, from throughout the United States, to provide leadership within an all-volunteer organization. We've been staffed by volunteers since we began in 1948.

Chair ('21): Dave Chandler, Montana
Vice-Chair (’23) Stew White, Oregon
Secretary ('21): Marianne Burton, Washington

Member (’21): Elizabeth Hull, Utah
Member ('22): Jackie Baritell, California
Member ('22): Jamie Richmond, Idaho
Member ('22): Tim McCain, Virginia
Member ('23): Sally Heard, Montana
Member ('23): Susan Mora, Wyoming

Alternate Member (’21): John Warren, Montana / Florida

Registrar: Kim Maes, Montana
Treasurer: Robert Carver, Idaho
Registered Agent: Nel Carver, Idaho

Chatcolab is a Federal 501 3 (c) Non-Profit and Idaho State Non-Profit Corporation. Donations made to Chatcolab are tax deductible.

Founded in 1948, Chatcolab was reorganized in 1969.