Chat Chat Summer 2015

What's Inside?

Chips From Chip

Chip Tudor, Newport, Washington

I found a new fishing buddy. Bevy Larson brought cane poles to Chatcolab and we took the young kids fishing on Twin Low Lake. Every day kids came up and asked if we were going fishing. The answer was always, “Absolutely.”—Bevy’s 750 Michigan worms almost ran out. Our laughter on that dock echoed across the lake each evening. It was some of the best fishing I’ve ever had.

Thanks, Bevy!!!!!!!!

Chat Chat Spring 2015

What's Inside?

Sally Heard, RPCV, All Lab Presenter

It is with great excitement that I look forward to sharingwith you my journey as a Peace Corps Volunteer inBotswana.

As a long time Chatcolabber, I feel very honored to be one of your All Lab Presenters.This year's theme, LEAD, PLAY CONNECT – Make a SPLASH, CAUSE A RIPPLE, will make it easy for me to incorporate all my various experiences into our sessions.

As a Returning Peace Corps Volunteer, we will be able to make many Splashes and create many RIPPLES to take back to our “Villages”.

Chat Chat December 2014

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News...Fall Board Meeting Summary p.1

Ideas, Philosophies, Knowledge, & Humor to SHARE... p.2

Chips from the Chatcolab Chair... p.5

Leadership Moments... p.5

Recreation Insights - McCall Outdoor ScienceSchool... p.6

GEMS of Gems from Past Labs... p.9

Great Recipes... p.10

The Chatcolab Board p.11

What is Chatcolab... p.11

Become A Member... p.12

Chat Chat August 2014

What's Inside? Chatcolab in a 'NUTSHELL'

Celebrated as a multigenerational inclusive group with no distinction between leaders, campers, pupils and teachers. Inclusion is assumed and cooperation in sharing is a way of life. Operated as a fellowship self-perpetuating through democracy rather then by sponsors agendas. Seeking to enrich the human experience through a network of mutual support. We celebrate diversity, embracing new thought processes, ideas and concepts. We welcome individuals, family's and business people who seek stimulating leadership and recreation opportunities.Creative activities expand our knowledge and skill base. Unity flows as we develop through music, work and play! [Kathryn Matlock, July 2014]