Leadership through Recreation since 1948

75th Annual Theme: TURNAROUND 180
With our past guiding us, we can take the knowledge, lessons, and respect for

who and what has come before and focus it on five areas of leadership

as we plan and prepare for the future.


Interested in leadership training, recreation, community building,
making the world a better place, escaping from the daily routine, exploring new forms
of self-expression, recharging your batteries, learning new skills, stepping out of your
comfort zone and trying something new and exciting all within a summer camp setting?

Chatcolab is for you!

The 2024 program is designed with two groups in mind - a formal camp will include tracks that
will inspire, educate, and re-charge adult-sized needs and is open to ages 12 and older, and a
less formal, half-day experience for children that will encompass STEM and recreation activities
for children 8 and up. All ages, however, are invited to join us with familial supervision.

June 15-20, 2024

Based on experimental learning, small group connections, spontaneous creativity and a deep history of learning leadership in a recreational setting, Chatcolab is a unique experience that sends you home refreshed and bubbling with ideas and new skills.

  • Knowledge
  • Philosophy
  • Humor
  • Ideas

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Call For Proposals 2024

To submit a proposal, please read all of the information included, prepare your material, and submit your proposal through our online portal.  
Deadline is August 31, 2023

With our past guiding us, we can take the knowledge, lessons, and respect for who and what has come before and focus it on five areas of leadership as we plan and prepare for the future: TRADITIONS, ENVIRONMENT, PERSONAL GROWTHDIVERSITY, and CELEBRATION.


The University of Idaho Archives has created a database of Chatcolab notebooks and historic photos from 1949 - 2023 that can be reviewed HERE.

Chatcolab had its beginning in 1949 as a result of Don Clayton having attended the Black Hills Lab and returned home enthused about what he experienced. There were a few people from southern Idaho who had attended Black Hills Lab and Don had just moved from Havre, Montana, to Moscow, Idaho.

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Skills, tools, and insight necessary to lead youth and adults, recreation, art, ideas... every year invaluable, a new discovery. Chatcolab  is a light for the present moment, a greater good in our world!

Dr. Kevin Laughlin, Ph.D

A sharing in a positive, trusting environment created by years of experience and dedication. It is experiencing growth and being challenged to push yourself, at every age, to strive for more. It is uplifting, anchored in tradition, and reaching to meet the needs of new audiences of young people and their parents generation.  

Janell Marmon, Educator

A break from the daily routine where we can be silly, explore, learn and push ourselves in new and exciting directions in leadership.

I always come home from Chat with a new skill to utilize in my work and personal life.

Betsy Carver, Non-Profit ED


An equal-opportunity, affirmative-action, non-profit educational organization begun in 1948 to offer leadership development through recreation. Youth and adults come together to build leadership skills. The lab meets annually at a residential camp and offers learning through general leadership sessions and interactive workshops.

EIN# 93-0736841

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Chatcolab is a 100% volunteer run organization.
Contact us via email at:
[email protected]
2024 Board Members include:
Dave Chandler, Chair
Janell Marmon, Vice Chair
Nel Carver, Treasurer

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