Chatcolab Northwest Leadership Laboratory

Over 70 Years of Leadership Education

We can create better leadership through recreation!

CHATCOLAB began in 1948 to offer leadership development through recreation.

Chatcolab offers a unique opportunity to build leadership by engaging in the creative planning and then sharing of a recreational experience.  An atmosphere is created for discovering within ones self the latent abilities that normal environments seldom uncover.  

In this discovery, anyone can become a better person and more effective leader.

Participants in a Recreation Laboratory have an opportunity to uncover, utilize, and share those talents in themselves which are perhaps laying dormant.  Music, humor, the arts, sociology, citizenship and the pursuit of knowledge are all available in a natural resource setting. 

Chatcolab is unique among 'Rec Labs' as it focuses on family.  "Labbers' can participate with their children, parents, siblings and chosen family.  It teaches skills, technology, group process and stimulates reflective change, continuing lifelong learning in an atmosphere of positive FUN!

The basic idea behind Chatcolab is one word … SHARE. 

Chatcolab stimulates and enthuses by exposure to methods and ideas. Emphasis is placed on learning by participation and encouragement.